Ultrasonic Heat Meters

Ultrasonic heat meter is a mechatronics intelligent heat energy meter, which can accurately measure heat. This product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient installation, accurate measurement, stable operation, strong anti-pollution and corrosion resistance, long service life, low pressure loss, economical and practical, etc. It is used in heat measurement such as central heating, central air conditioning and combined cooling and heating, Charged heating facilities.


Features Of Ultrasonic Heat Meter

  •  Accurate measurement: the use of high-quality transducers, PT1000 high-precision platinum resistors, and advanced electronic measurement technology ensure high accuracy and stability of flow measurement.
  •  Accuracy level: Level 2.
  •  Strong anti-interference ability: completely unaffected by impurities, chemical substances and magnetic materials in the medium.
  •  Long service life: no mechanical parts, no wear, low maintenance cost.
  •  Data remote transmission function: remote meter reading can be realized through M-bus bus and RS-485 bus.
  •  Automatic error diagnosis function: There is an error message prompt function under abnormal conditions to ensure safe and accurate operation.
  •  Large-capacity data storage function: can save the historical settlement data of the last 24 months.
  •  Easy to use: the calculator head can be detached and installed horizontally for easy reading.
  •  Battery life: ultra-low power consumption design, built-in environmentally friendly lithium battery, service life of more than 6 years.
  •  Calculating cold and heat: integrates cold and heat measurement, automatically judges heating and refrigeration can be measured according to water temperature.
  •  Installation location: optional installation of inlet and return pipes for easy construction.
  •  Easy installation: optional horizontal or vertical installation.


Flow Sensors




Temperature range4℃~95℃
Temperature difference3K~65K
Temperature resolution0.03℃
Power supply3.6V
Battery Life>6yeas


Temperature Sensor  

Platinum resistancePT1000
Cable length1.5M


 Technical Parameters

Ambient temperature5℃~55℃
Working pressure1.6MPa
Accuracy2.0 Level


Installation requirements

1. Pay attention to the direction of the arrow mark on the flowmeter to make the water flow direction consistent with the arrow direction

2. Do not block the valve port with hemp, raw material tape and other debris during installation

3. Handle with care during the installation process and strictly prohibit brutal operation to prevent man-made damage

4. The HVAC pipeline should be cleaned before installation, and the front end of the flow meter should be equipped with a dirt filter and a shut-off valve to remove dirt and repair and replace

5. There should be a straight pipe section not less than 10 times the nominal diameter at the front end of the heat meter, and a straight pipe section distance not less than 8 times the nominal diameter at the back end.

6. The temperature sensor with the red label is installed on the high temperature pipeline, and the temperature sensor with the blue label is installed on the low temperature pipeline. The lead wire of the temperature sensor shall not be increased or decreased at will

7. All parts of the heat meter (including heat meter parts, temperature sensor parts and calculator parts) should be installed in a position to avoid exposure, water flooding, freezing and electromagnetic pollution, and be easy to disassemble


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