Smart ic card pre paid water meter nylon plastic

IC card prepaid water meter is used to control users overspend by prepaying with an IC card. Pay in advance and then use water.


Working Principle

We provide IC card water meter computer management system for customers for free. The system functions include water price setting, rate setting, quick query and recharge, reset balance, change password, query history, overdraft, print receipt, etc BOSTAR water meter offer total solution for you,contains prepaid water meter,smart card,card reader and free management software.

Flow parameter

DNFlow rangeQ4Q3Q2Q1Min reading
Max reading
151603.1252.525.015.60.0000599 999
1253.1252.532.020.00.0000599 999
1003.1252.540.025.00.0000599 999
201605440.025.00.0000599 999
1255451.232.00.0000599 999
1005464.040.00.0000599 999
251607.8756.363.039.40.0000599 999
1257.8756.380.650.40.0000599 999
1007.8756.3100.863.00.0000599 999

Size and Weight

2522588121.1R1G1 1/4B1.63

Performance parameter

Standby current<7uA(dormancy)Temperature classT30
Data acquisition modeReluctance sensingPressure ratingMAP10
Operating voltage2.8~3.2VSensitivity level of flow fieldU10/D5
Electromagnetic environment classE2Environmental grade
Storage environmentAmbient temperature:-25℃~55℃,Relative humidity:≤85%

Supply Conditions:

  • Supply Size:DN15~DN200
  • Body Material: Brass/Nylon/stainless steel/Iron(optional)
  • R: 80/100/160(optional)
  • pressure: 1.0 MPa
  • Waterproof Grade:IP68
  • Battery capacity: more than 6 years
  • Pressure loss: ≤ 0.063 MPa
  • Water temperature: T30,T90
  • Software payment:For free


1. The management mode of paying first and then using water.

2. Data transmission and transaction settlement are carried out through RF card.

3. Records and electronically display the water consumption, automatically control the water consumption.

4. Display “surplus”, “accumulated” and other water information by swiping IC card.

5. Anti-storage (purchase limitation).

6.Insufficient water warning.

7.Step price can be set.

8.Third-party payment system.

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