Rotar wing type water meter stainless steel

The movement is made of 100% raw material, without any waste, which enhances the wear resistance and ensures the stability of the counting part. The counter is vacuum sealed and the built-in desiccant is a long-drying dial that is not easy to fog. The metering accurately reaches the standard of iso4064, which is ±5% from the large allowable error in the low zone including the small flow rate to the low zone excluding the boundary flow; the large range from the boundary flow including the high flow including the overload flow Allowable error cold water meter is ±2%.



1. Accurate and reliable measurement, durable.

2. A small number of impurities in the water block the water filter network, and the impact on the measurement accuracy is small.

3. Parts are not easy to wear.

4. It has a check valve to prevent fluid backflow.


Key Features

Proven multi-jet flow meter design

Vacuum sealed register, frost resistant

Easy to read dial with large digits

Magnetic drive eliminates leak point

Low-flow indicator

Remote transmission device can be added upon request

Reed Switch, Hall and Weagand can be supplied according to requirement

Pulse output switch available

Optional Features:Provide pulse output,rs485 modbus,wired remote,pulse splitter,pulse read display.

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DNFlow rangeQ4Q3Q2Q1Min reading
Max reading
151603.1252.525.015.60.00001999 999
1253.1252.532.020.00.00001999 999
1003.1252.540.025.00.00001999 999
201605440.025.00.00001999 999
1255451.232.00.00001999 999
1005464.040.00.00001999 999
251607.8756.363.039.40.00001999 999
1257.8756.380.650.40.00001999 999
1007.8756.3100.863.00.00001999 999
3216012.510100.062.50.00001999 999
12512.510128.080.00.00001999 999
10012.510160.0100.00.00001999 999
401602016160.0100.00.000019 999 999
1252016204.8128.00.000019 999 999
1002016256.0160.00.000019 999 999
5016031.2525250.0156.30.000019 999 999
12531.2525320.0200.00.000019 999 999
10031.2525400.0250.00.000019 999 999

Size and Weight

2522598124R1G1 1/4B2.4
3223098124R1 1/4G1 1/2B3
40245124154R1 1/2G2B5
Vertical type
25164104110R1G1 1/4B2.5

      ①Flange connection:GB/T17241.6-2008/XG1-2011D=Φ165 D1=Φ125


  • Sizes:DN15~DN300
  • Materials: We could offer Brass/SS304/SS316/SS316L/plastic
  • Accuracy: R=80 ; 100; 125; 160;
  • Water pressure less than 1Mpa
  • Cold water temperature less than 30℃
  • Hot water temperature less than 90℃
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