Photoelectric direct reading vertical water meter

Using the new photoelectric direct reading coding technology, more accurate to read the mechanical position of the code data, there is no carry problem of character wheel 0 and 9. Using low-power design, no battery inside the meter, usually without power supply, only in the meter reading moment supply power, reading accuracy rate is 100%, is in the industry-leading level.


Product characteristics

Product characteristics
1. By encoding and decoding the number of rounds of the table “direct reading” out of the word on the digital position of the physical compiler;

2. Photoelectric direct reading module with automatic detection of each photoelectric component performance and reporting function;

3. The table has a unique identification code, ie the table address (factory number);

4. “0” power design, failure rate reduced, longer life;

5. Photoelectric direct reading module completely sealed in the counter, and water isolation, from outside water and moisture erosion;

6. Meet the “electronic remote meter” (CJ / T224-2012) standards;

7. The use of advanced data encoding and verification methods, communication reliability is high;

8. Compliant with EMC, ESD, EMI and other electronic products, electromagnetic compatibility aspects of technical requirements.


Flow parameter

DNFlow rangeQ4Q3Q2Q1Min reading
Max reading
151603.1252.525.015.60.0000599 999
1253.1252.532.020.00.0000599 999
1003.1252.540.025.00.0000599 999
201605440.025.00.0000599 999
1255451.232.00.0000599 999
1005464.040.00.0000599 999
251607.8756.363.039.40.0000599 999
1257.8756.380.650.40.0000599 999
1007.8756.3100.863.00.0000599 999
3216012.510100.062.50.0000599 999
12512.510128.080.00.0000599 999
10012.510160.0100.00.0000599 999
401602016160.0100.00.0000599 999
1252016204.8128.00.0000599 999
1002016256.0160.00.0000599 999
5016031.2525250.0156.30.0000599 999
12531.2525320.0200.00.0000599 999
10031.2525400.0250.00.0000599 999

Size and Weight

2522597123R1G1 1/4B1.8
32230104137R1 1/4G1 1/2B2.7
40245114152R1 1/2G2B3.4
Vertical type
2514597110R1G1 1/4B2.5

① Flange connection :GB/T17241.6-2008/XG1-2011D=Φ165 D1=Φ125

Supply Conditions:

Supply Size:DN15~DN200
Body Material: brass/iron
R: 80/100/160(optional)
Type: dry dial/wet dial pressure: 1.0MPa
Pressure loss: ≤ 0.063mpa
Water temperature: T30/T90
Communication: M-BUS/RS485
Communication transmission rate:1200/2400/4800/9600bps
Communication protocol:CJ/T188,DL/T645-1997,MODBUS
Software payment: Supply for free
Communication modes
There are M-BUS and RS-485 communication modes for wired remote water meter.

RS-485 water meter
Work voltage: 6-14V
Standby current: ≤1.1mA
Work current: ≤5mA
Transmission distance: 1200M
Communication transmission rate: 1200bps-9600bps

Communication protocol
Protocol: DL/T645 CJ/T188 MODBUS
Work environment:Temperature: 0℃~+60℃ humidity: ≤95%RH

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