NB-Iot water meter

NB-IOT Internet of Things water meter is a smart water meter developed based on cellular narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) communication technology. It is the latest generation of remote water meters. It has the characteristics of wide signal coverage, strong communication quality, high reliability, high security, low power consumption, no wiring for water meters, and convenient installation. Realize the transmission, monitoring and management of long-distance, wireless remote data and control instructions.


Product Advantages

Proprietary ultra-low power consumption technology, battery life: >6 years
Double reed switch, Hall element, photoelectric direct reading, serial port CJ/T188, etc.
Remote meter reading, manual valve control, remote valve control arrears closing valve, renewal opening valve, etc.
Support low battery alarm, water stealing alarm, strong magnetic interference alarm
There is no need to cooperate with the gateway, no wiring is required, the installation is simple, and the use is convenient.
Using NB-IoT technology, low power consumption, wide coverage, high security and reliability, and massive connections.



LCD display shows balance, dosage, surplus and other information.
Automatic meter reading.
Steep water price can be set.
The computer can control the valve remotely.
Battery under voltage, abnormal measurement, etc., can be remote alarm.
Power supply guarantee more than 6 + 1 years.

Flow parameter

DNFlow rangeQ4Q3Q2Q1Min reading
Max reading
151603.1252.525.015.60.0000599 999
1253.1252.532.020.00.0000599 999
1003.1252.540.025.00.0000599 999
201605440.025.00.0000599 999
1255451.232.00.0000599 999
1005464.040.00.0000599 999
251607.8756.363.039.40.0000599 999
1257.8756.380.650.40.0000599 999
1007.8756.3100.863.00.0000599 999
3216012.510100.062.50.0000599 999
12512.510128.080.00.0000599 999
10012.510160.0100.00.0000599 999
401602016160.0100.00.0000599 999
1252016204.8128.00.0000599 999
1002016256.0160.00.0000599 999
5016031.2525250.0156.30.0000599 999
12531.2525320.0200.00.0000599 999
10031.2525400.0250.00.0000599 999

Size and Weight

2522597123R1G1 1/4B1.8
32230104137R1 1/4G1 1/2B2.7
40245114152R1 1/2G2B3.4
Vertical type
2514597110R1G1 1/4B2.5

Supply Conditions:

Supply Size:DN15~DN200
Body Material: Brass
Basis meter type:Multi-jet /Ultrasonic water meter
R: 80/100/160(optional)
Max.work pressure: 1.0MPa
Protection class:IP68
Communication:Narrow band(LTE Cat.NB)
Frequency: B3(1800),B5(850),B8(900)
Battery capacity: more than 6 years
Pressure loss: ≤ 0.063mpa
SIM card:Micro SIM card(Type 3FF)
Software: B/S Cloudy serve platform
Software payment: Supply for free
Composition:NB-Iot water meter, Base station, Serve Platform

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