Iot pulse remote transmission split water meter

RS485-MODBUS Wired Remote Water Meter Product Use: This product is mainly used for water metering in residential areas, commercial buildings, office buildings, industries, etc. with remote meter reading requirements and remote power supply capability.


Remote water meter characteristics:
Communication characteristics :RS485 communication: working power 5V-24V; 
Support modbus protocol: long transmission distance,
 up to 1000 meters: good waterproof performance to ip68 waterproof level; Electronic pulse counting formula;
 Eliminate idling and inversion, remote transmission accuracy of 1m3(integer tons)

Material base table characteristics: ductile iron material, for the water meter in the superior iron water meter material; The base table adopts double reed tube pulse sensor, and uses low power counter to convert pulse signal into 485 communication signal, and the sampling is stable and reliable.

DNFlow rangeQ4Q3Q2Q1Min reading
Max reading
151603.1252.525.015.60.0000599 999
1253.1252.532.020.00.0000599 999
1003.1252.540.025.00.0000599 999
201605440.025.00.0000599 999
1255451.232.00.0000599 999
1005464.040.00.0000599 999
251607.8756.363.039.40.0000599 999
1257.8756.380.650.40.0000599 999
1007.8756.3100.863.00.0000599 999
Flow parameter
LXS-321 1/4″8012.5100.20.1250.0000199999
LXS-401 1/2″8020160.320.20.0000199999

Material: Cast iron, copper
Working pressure :≤1.0MPa
Medium temperature: cold water 0C-30C
Hot water 0C-90C
Model :DN15-DN65 Rotor type
DN80-DN500 spiral wing type
Installation :DN15-DN40 wire
DN50-DN500 flange
Display model :YYX-1 flow display instrument
Display :1m3, 0.1m3, 0.01m3


Main function of system

1, basic information management: including the information file of the table, table and equipment parameter management and management permission Settings.
2, data acquisition (meter reading function): point reading and data reading, the system provides the function of meter reading and data reading at any time, mainly for the meter reading has not been copied to the data of the meter to point reading or copy. The data collected by the collector can be transmitted to the master station through the communication network: the master station can copy the data of the collector at any time.
3, real-time monitoring: select the table to be monitored, set the data acquisition density, the system will collect data according to the set parameters, and then display it in the form of a table or draw a curve to achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring.
4. Billing and settlement function: The system will calculate the total cost according to the water consumption of resident users, summarize the fees payable according to the set rates, and realize the data settlement function. The system also provides the function of inquiring and analyzing the user’s water cost.
5, report function: the table data can achieve statistics, analysis, query, and production of daily, monthly, quarterly, annual reports, etc., and can support data EXCEL spreadsheet export function.
6, with self-retention function, self-retention function to ensure that the special magnetic needle every 360 degrees to send a pulse signal, the remote water meter magnetic interference self-resolution function, can effectively overcome the water hammer phenomenon and other critical point facial error signal weakness, and has the function of preventing external magnetic interference.
7, high accuracy: the measurement accuracy meets the ISO4046 standard, and the signal is error-free.
8, high versatility: suitable for all national standard water meters, can fully adapt to the technical requirements of different meter reading systems, remote water meter output pulse width greater than 80ms.
9, strong anti-interference ability: stainless steel shell, with stainless steel hose protection, to prevent man-made damage. The magnetic interference self-resolving function enables the remote water meter to work normally in the case of strong magnetic interference, and the life of the magnetic needle can reach more than 6 years.
10, do not destroy the structure and performance of ordinary water meters, the whole remote water meter to reach the performance indicators of ordinary water meters. 11, signal transmission mode: passive switch on and off, with broken line, short line alarm function, according to customer needs, can be used two-wire system or three-wire system. Combined with remote water meter outdoor display instrument is more convenient to read.

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