Ultrasonic prepaid water meter

Ultrasonic water meter is a new type of water meter, which can detect the time difference caused by the change of velocity when the ultrasonic beam propagates along and against the current in the water, analyze the flow rate of the treated water, and further calculate the flow rate of the treated water. There are no moving parts inside, no current blocking elements, not affected by impurities in water, long service life.


Performance characteristics

— No mechanical movable parts, Impurities in water can’t be affected, and Long service life.
— Compared with the traditional mechanical water meter, the ultrasonic water meter can be measured and has a wide range of measurements. It can be measured when it has very small traffic.
— There are many alarm functions: Battery voltage can alarm, empty tubes or pipes that are not full of water, transducer fault alarm, and more
— Low-power design and the use of high-energy batteries, can work for 6 years or more.
— The communication interface is M-BUS and Rs485, it can easily achieve remote real-time monitoring and management on the LAN.

Flow parameter

DNFlow rangeQ4Q3Q2Q1Min reading
Max reading
154003.1252.510.06.30.00001999 999
2503.1252.516.010.00.00001999 999
1603.1252.525.016.00.00001999 999
204005416.010.00.00001999 999
2505425.016.00.00001999 999
1605440.025.00.00001999 999
254007.8756.325.215.80.00001999 999
2507.8756.340.025.00.00001999 999
1607.8756.364.040.00.00001999 999
3240012.51040.025.00.00001999 999
25012.51064.040.00.00001999 999
16012.510102.464.00.00001999 999
4040031.2525100.062.50.00001999 999
25031.2525160.0100.00.00001999 999
16031.2525200.0125.00.00001999 999

Size and Weight

25225132151R1G1 1/4B1.9
32230132151R1 1/4G1 1/2B2.1
40245132151R1 1/2G2B2.63

Performance parameter

Standby current<7uA(dormancy)Temperature classT30
Data acquisition modeReluctance sensingPressure ratingMAP16
Operating voltage2.8~3.6VSensitivity level of flow fieldU0/D0
Electromagnetic environment classE2Environmental grade
Storage environmentAmbient temperature:-25℃~55℃,Relative humidity:≤85%

RS485 Smart Ultrasonic Water Meters

Range ratio: R200
Protection level: IP68
Maximum pressure: 1.6MPa
Maximum temperature: T50
Substrate: Copper
Connection method: Thread
Communication interface: M-BUS / RS485
Communication protocol: Modbus

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