Single jet water meter stainless steel

A single jet water meter is a type of mechanical device used for measuring water consumption in residential and commercial buildings. It is called “single jet” because it has a single point of jet, or directed water flow, which is used to spin the impeller inside the meter. The impeller then measures the flow of water through the meter, and the readings are recorded.


Product characteristics

  • This type water meter with the characters of small in size,light in weight,good look design,easy reading and etc.
  • The meters conform to ISO4064 standard class B.
  • Dry register and register with 5 or 8 number roller.
  • Brass body or plastic body, for optional
  • Counter type: wet type and magnetic drive dry type
  • The dry type counter can be rotated in 360 angle, keep a clear reading in a long term service and magnetic interference.
  • Brass body or stainless steel body for optional.

Flow parameter

DNFlow rangeQ4Q3Q2Q1Min reading

Size and Weight


Indication allowable error

Low region max allowable error:

From Q min inclusive up to but excluding Qt is±5%.

High region max allowable error:

From Qt inclusive up to and including Q max is±2%.

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